PPTP VPN Error 619, can not connect

This is a pptp client error that basically means it could not establish communication with the server. There are several possible reasons for this. For a pptp connection to work tcp port 1723 has to be open (check if 1723 port is open) and the network elements between the client (you) and the encryption server must support the GRE protocol. We have also found two instances when even if the above is true you will suffer a 619 error, luckily they are easily rectifiable.

  1. If you pasted your password into the vpn definition on your computer make sure that you did not paste a space at the end of the password.
  2. If you have a personal firewall installed make sure port tcp 1723 is open. The default install of most personal firewalls will not allow a vpn to work. You must instruct the firewall to let the vpn use tcp port 1723.
  3. The router nearest you may be the culprit. It may not support pptp vpn pass through (this is very rare) or it may need to be configured to do it (very common). If is your router you are in luck. Just log in, go to the advanced tab and configure pptp or vpn pass through.
  4. The network you are on blocks VPNs by policy. This is the case in many corporations and some countries. They will block all well known VPN ports (pptp and IPSEC). In this case you need to use OpenVPN as it's working on port 443 (https). If you are on $5.99 PPTP only package you have to upgrade your pacakge to $9.99 premium account to be able to use OpenVPN.


And now the special cases.

Special Case 1:

If you are running windows and one day the vpn does not work when it should just delete the vpn definition and create a new one. We have seen this issue more than 20 times in the last time.


Special Case 2:

Same symptoms as the above but you are at home. It has been working fine for months and one day, nada. Your laptop can connect to the vpn using the neighbors network but not from your network Solution: Unplug your Internet router from the phone or cable line and unplug it from electricity.
Wait for 11 minutes if it is a DSL line. This will reset the DSLAM on the other end on most carriers. Plug everything back in and it will work. This has happened five times in the last time. These little routers get port scanned relentlessly and they are left dazed and confused from time to time.
Rebooting it fixes the problem.

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